The ‘Silent Killer’ – Familiarity

It does not happen at once. It is not sudden. It needs time and comfort to breed. And then one day as you wake up, as you go about your ‘daily routine’, you discover that it has taken up residency in your life! It is too late…or is it?

Familiarity has a way of creeping into every ounce of a persons life and sucking the life out of you, sucking away at your energy, your creativity and yes even your relationships with marriage being the main target of this destructive force. Worse than a tsunami on the human soul.

A classical example of this can be found in God’s Word in the character and person of Samson (Judges 13 – 16). Samson, anointed of God to deliver His people from a forty year period of Philistine oppression, became familiar with his strength (anointing) and with Delilah (sin). Not only did Samson violate his Nazirite vow on two occasions (chapter 14:9 & 10) but he also flirted with sin and became familiar with his strength and Delilah wanting to know the reason for his strength.

God gave him a second chance and he made use of this however he lost so much in his lifetime and could have been so much more if only he did not fall into the trap of familiarity.

The same holds true for us even today: watch out and guard your life, guard your anointing and be careful for familiarity especially with God and His Word and your spouse and children or loved ones.

Some practical steps:

• Do things differently every day
• Look at things in your life from a. different angle
• Pray and study the Word of God and rely totally on the Holy Spirit
• Spend quality time with your spouse & children
• Go on regular dates with your spouse

Enjoy everyday as if it was your last on this earth…God is good and amazing. Let Him guide you not to become familiar with people or things in your life.

Stay blessed and be inspired as you try new things for God everyday!

Greetings in Christ our Lord

Ps. Paddick

Illustration Source :

Ps’s Paddick & Roelien Van Zyl

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