Sympathy & Empathy

Often times we are faced with a situation wherein we need to comfort someone who has lost a loved one, someone who has a terminal illness or even someone going through a divorce. And very often we are scared and shy away not knowing what to say or do or how to act around the person facing the dilemma.

A simple touch on the shoulder, making a cup of tea, just being there with the person facing trauma, not saying anything, goes a long way in bringing comfort. Most times, words are not needed.

Someone once said these words that are so true:

‘Sympathy says:
“I am sorry & runs away”,
Empathy says:
“I understand & stays”

At times words are needed, at times no words are needed. Trusting the Holy Spirit to lead you what to do always proves successful.

Be blessed as you reach out to those in need and hurting.

Pr’s Paddick & Roelien

Published by Coram Deo

Coram Deo means that which takes place in the presence of, or living before the face of, God. Worship, prayer, the Christian life being lived to God's glory...

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