Grieving & The Passage of Time


‘Just know that to do nothing, to simply let time pass as if “time heals all wounds,” is only to delay the work that needs to be done.

The passage of time does nothing to heal grief – it is what we do with the time that matters.’ *

The process of grieving after the loss of a loved one is of great importance and a very necessary process that should not be underestimated or down played. To delay grief or think that only ‘weaklings’ grieve is a great misconception.

Grieving for each individual is as unique as the person them self and there is no ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ manner of grieving our losses.

God is the God of all comfort and grace and by His enabling power we can work through grief and be made whole again emotionally.

Stay blessed,

Pastor Paddick

*Source: Christine Jette –

Published by Coram Deo

Coram Deo means that which takes place in the presence of, or living before the face of, God. Worship, prayer, the Christian life being lived to God's glory...

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