The Nature of Depression


Depression possesses a nature all of its own. Not a pretty one either.

Depression makes you believe that you are worthless as a human being even though you have accomplished great things in life.

It debilitates and disables its victims sapping joy and self-worth day by day.

Labeled the silent assassin its tentacles slowly, discreetly but with sure precision. Wraps around its target.

Its tactics employed include lies about self, dark and gloomy vision and the ever debasing thoughts flavored with failure and wrapped in ‘what’s the use’ packaging.

It makes its victims ashamed to acknowledge that they are caught in its

grips, struggling in most cases to break free and often times never

successful in this endeavour.

It does not let go easily, holding on, clinging. it can and should be overcome and won however this is, in many instances, easier said than done…


Paddick Van Zyl  Pr.  MTh


Image: Pixabay Royalty Free Images:

©Paddick Van Zyl 2016   ( 08/09/2016


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