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“You are not your body.”
Douglas Copeland

This quote by Douglas Copeland is so powerful and holds a truth that is very often overlooked by all of us living on this earth, in this physical realm.

God’s Word declares that we are tri-part beings: we are spirit beings, with a soul that lives in a body as can be seen in 1st Thessalonians 5:23.

We are so body conscious most of the time that we forget the fact that when we die we will leave our bodies behind. I always think of the spirit, soul, and body issue as follows: when going to the shop to buy milk, the checkout clerk will place the carton of milk in a paper or plastic bag. This makes it easier to get the milk to its end destination, my home and ultimately my coffee.

The carrier bag is important but more important is the milk carton and the milk inside of the carton. I will discard the carrier bag when I am done with it but the milk will remain for a couple of days and will fulfill many functions for me.

While the human body is very important, since, without it, we can  not live on this earth, it is not the most important. The spirit and soul are. The spirit and soul will continue forever.

In the words of Douglas – remember, you are not your body but you are a sum total of your spirit, soul and body…

Stay blessed,


Paddick Van Zyl


© Paddick Van Zyl – Laus Deo Ministries, Coram Deo Ministries





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