Are you angry with God?


In the book of 1st Samuel and especially in chapter 20, we find king Saul busy with a manhunt against David, the future anointed king of Israel, as appointed by God Himself.

And what we find in Saul, is his sin catching up with him, tripping him up. Saul goes as far as wanting to put his own son Jonathan to death because of his anger. It is interesting to note that Saul’s anger was first and foremost with and against God, vertical. His anger was not with man, David, but with God, aimed at God, because of God’s will and purpose and because he has such a consuming desire and hunger for power and is ruled by pride and arrogance, his anger flows horizontally toward anyone that opposes him or his plans. Even against his own son, and God’s anointed servant, David.

As Dr. Paul Tripp remarks: ” Those people that you blame for your anger, have never caused your anger. Those people are only ever the occasion for that anger. If you claim to believe in the sovereignty of God and you question your circumstances, your struggle is not with your circumstances. Your struggle is with your LORD.” *

Anger with God, toward God, will always result in anger toward our fellow human being and our circumstances. Are you angry with God today? Angry that your dream did not come to pass? Angry that you did not get what you deserved in life?

Because God is sovereign and knows us, knows the end from the beginning, He also knows what He has planned for us and what will harm us or take us away from His will and plan for us. God is perfect. We are not perfect. We are the ones that fight sin and self- will. God is a loving and caring heavenly Father.  God is also the One that specializes in restoring broken wings and dreams. He is the Master restorer of broken lives. Commit your life and will totally to Him, to His will and plan and watch the amazing miracle that will take place as He transforms your life to His glory and honor.

Stay blessed in trusting and loving God.

Pr. Paddick


*Sermon Dr. Paul Tripp – David & Jonathan –

Pic. commons free images

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