AP – Analytical Paralysis

Anxiety – Pixabay com Free Images

Too much analysis (anxiety, fear, worry) only leads to  (spiritual and mental) paralysis…

When your life seems out of control and chaos reigns; God is still in control, He is still sovereign. We were created to depend upon God, that is the correct way the universe was designed by God to operate.

Trying in our own, limited, strength and ability to fix things usually end in disaster. Let God fix it. He is an expert at fixing things…

Pr. Paddick  LDMI

© Paddick Van Zyl  – LDMI 2017

Published by Coram Deo

Coram Deo means that which takes place in the presence of, or living before the face of, God. Worship, prayer, the Christian life being lived to God's glory...

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