The notion or belief that when we die we become ‘worm food’ is totally silly. God created everything for a reason and with a purpose. Water has a purpose. Even parasites and maggots have been created for a very important purpose. In the same manner that fire has a purpose, so does every human being. Eternity is real. Eternity starts when we take our last breath on this earth.

Dr Paul Tripp notes that we have to live life with an eternity view in mind –

I wish I could say, for me and for you, that God is always in our thoughts, but He’s not. And even though, in His glorious grace, He has embedded Himself and his creation so He is always visible. I think of it this way: You can’t get up in the morning without bumping into God; we still miss Him!
How can you fry an egg without seeing the glory of God? How can you hear the sounds of birds without thinking of the glory of God? How can you see a sunset without the glory of God, the change of the seasons without the glory of God, the endless variety of human beings without seeing the glory of God? But we can be so blind! Dr Paul Tripp


For life to make sense at all it has to be lived from the vantage point of the Cross. We will never understand life or God’s grace, His love, His nature and character unless we view it from the vantage point of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

God created us for fellowship with Himself and with one another. We are ‘community wired’ beings. And God’s original plan was for us to not die physically (and spiritually) however sin caused just that – death of the body and spiritual death or separation from God’s presence. And that is why Christ came to us. That is why Christ gave His life on the cross…

Dr Paul Tripp speaks of eternity amnesia when he notes –

And eternity amnesia means: That I lose sight of God’s plan; I lose sight of all the hope of glory; I lose sight of the fact that this is not a destination, but this is meant to be a preparation for a final destination, and I find myself ruled and controlled by the desires, the pressures, the experiences, the relationships of this moment. I’m living in that moment as if I have no past; I am living in this moment as if I have no future; my heart is shaped and controlled and my behavior formed right here and now. That’s it.

This is a God of eternity who is drawing the heart of my child to the glory that can only be found in Him. So he would live for something bigger than this moment of pleasure that gripped his heart.

Earth-bound treasure that shrinks this moment to the physical people and physical experiences this moment; here’s what earth-bound treasure does: It makes it all horizontal; it loses the verticality of life; it makes it all present; it loses the eternal nature of life. It makes it all human; it misses the spiritual nature of life; it does all of that.  Dr Paul Tripp

Let us always keep eternity in mind, even in our busy life or those mundane moments. When life pressures us, when dark depression knocks on the door, when we are overjoyed…let us remember that eternity is awaiting.

Stay blessed in Christ our Lord and Redeemer.

Pr. Paddick van Zyl

Image: Faith Matters

© Paddick van Zyl – Laus Deo Min (Coram Deo Min)





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