God knows us

Often, we think to ourselves: “Does God even care about me? Does God know who I am and where I am? Following a couple of thoughts from well-known authors on this subject;

He (God) knows (and cares) about every word on our lips and every thought in our minds. He knows us – indeed has known all about us from all eternity past! The omniscient, omnipresent God is our environment, inescapably so!   Jay E. Adams – A Theology of Christian Counseling: More Than Redemption

Sky – Daniel Reche – Pixabay Free Commons 

God not only knows everything about you, but he knows everything about everything. He knows what the weather will be, how the stock market will ebb and flow, and every other miniscule detail of the universe that will impact your life.

You can’t predict the next five minutes. And not only that, you and I tend to live for the gratification of the here and now. How warped does that make our perspective? If the goal is to get immediate pleasure, we’re going to pass up on a better life tomorrow just to get instant (and lesser) pleasure today. Paul David Tripp – Defining your needs Aug 2014 

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Bible – music4life – Pixabay Free Commons


God is all-powerful; you can barely control your hair in the morning! So, even if you were omniscient and knew what you needed, you wouldn’t have the power to provide it for yourself.

By giving God the responsibility of defining your needs, you’re placing your life in good hands. Not only does he know everything about you and everything about this world, but he’s able to control it and provide exactly what you need in the exact moment when you need it.

God is creator; he knows how you operate. God is omniscient; he knows exactly what today and tomorrow hold. God is omnipotent; he can control every microbe of the universe. And on top of all those things, God is good. “He will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) All you need is the evidence of the Cross to know that God will meet your needs, for his glory and your good.

Paul David Tripp – Defining your needs Aug 2014

Psalm 139 is such an amazing portion of Scripture to read, if ever you have doubted that God knows about you or who or where you are in this life or on this earth!

God is so glorious in his sovereignty that he orchestrates our individual lives for his glory and our good. That means he’s not just powerfully ruling over the grand moments, but intimately ruling over all the little details of our lives as well.

God is so glorious in his love that he will never ignore a seeking heart, even if it’s only of one person. He’ll listen to the cries of anyone who seeks him, and he’ll make a way for them to find him and know him.

God is glorious in his management of our time. He’ll control moments so we can experience eternally significant encounters, even when we would actually be satisfied with just our days to be easy and moderately successful. Paul David Tripp – No such thing as chance Sep 2017

Hands – cocopariesiene – Pixabay Free Commons

Never forget that God knows you! He cares about you and has a plan for your life, a plan and a purpose like no other…

Stay blessed in Christ,

Pr Paddick van Zyl – LDMI

© Paddick van Zyl – LDMI

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