God’s Ways – Sometimes Makes No Sense


I am busy reading a great book by Dr. Larry Crabb entitled: When God’s Ways Make no Sense.

Often times, we question God, we question life and we don’t understand what God is doing in our lives or if He is even aware that we exist…following are some excerpts from this book.

Dr. Crabb notes that when life makes no sense to us, when God makes no sense to us we have 3 options available, namely:

  • Resist & Run
  • Distort & Deny
  • Tremble & Trust

“When His thoughts and ways seem to be taking us away from the life we want for ourselves, then we feel justified in resisting His input and running off to do whatever better fits our ideas of a good way to live. Like Jonah (Jonah chapters 1-4). This option is illustrated in the life of a prophet who was enraged at God’s plan.”    Dr. Larry Crabb  – When God’s Ways Make no Sense

“Arrange our understanding both of how God thinks about our lives and of how He lovingly moves into them so that it matches our perception of how a loving God should think and move.  Deny Scripture that contradicts what we want to believe about God. Revise our theology of God’s good news into principles for living that make obedience to God comfortable – comfortable obedience that we assume will bring satisfying blessings into our lives. Like Saul before he became the Apostle Paul.”  Dr. Larry Crabb  – When God’s Ways Make no Sense

“Sit under the Bible. Hear whatever God is saying. When we realize that God’s way of running the world and guiding our lives make no sense, tremble. Tremble before a God whose thoughts and ways are far above our thoughts and ways about what the truly good life is and how to live it.  Feel our confusion. own our doubts. Embrace our fears. Face our disappointment. Experience our anguish.  Then trust. Trust the Judge of the earth to do right, to always advance purposes we will one day gladly agree were good. Accept that no one can fully unravel the mystery of prayer. Like Habakkuk. Habakkuk’s story illustrates what it looks like o repsond well when God’s ways make no sense.”  Dr. Larry Crabb  – When God’s Ways Make no Sense

Dr. Paul Tripp adds to this when he remarks the 3 ways (principles) we should live by faith when life make no sense at all:

“1. We Are Being Strengthened

The author of Hebrews 11 says that Abraham was being tested, which is a word picture for metal being purified. God will send difficult, unexpected and unwanted trials into our lives to produce in us what could have never been produced otherwise. I refer to that as the theology of uncomfortable grace, and we need to preach it to ourselves and to others.

2. We Aren’t Supposed To Figure Life Out

Hebrews 11 also indicates that Abraham didn’t know that God would provide an animal for sacrifice. In other words, he didn’t obey because he knew the future. When God sends confusing trials into our lives or asks us to obey mystifying commands, he won’t always tell us why. I have counseled many Christians who complicate their suffering by trying to interpret what God has intentionally kept a divine secret.

3. We Need To Rely On Promises And Commands

Abraham was able to obey in faith because he rested in the promises of God and followed the clear commands. He knew that the Lord does not lie and that we can trust everything he does. When life doesn’t make any sense at all, these two things are enough for us to live by faith.

Contrary to what I thought, these past few years have been without a doubt the most productive ministry years of my life. Through suffering, God reminded me that he doesn’t need me to be healthy to use me. It may take many years for you to see the result of what God is doing when life makes no sense at all. Or he may never reveal the reasons why. But no matter what you’re experiencing, God’s promises and commands are enough. His grace is sufficient for you, and his power is made perfect in confusion and weakness.”  Dr. Paul Tripp 3 Ways To Live By Faith When Life Makes No Sense At All – Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Crabb remarks that a false Gospel is being preached today, a comfortable message, one in which God has to fall inline with our plans:

“God’s love compels Him to cooperate with the plan He’s come up with. In our thinking, that plan is obvious, simple, and fair.  if I do well, He’ll see to it that my life goes well. That’s the lie. That’s not God’s plan. When we believe it, and life does go well, we feel proud, justly rewarded for our good behavior. If life does not go well, even though we’ve lived well, we become disillusioned and disappointed with God.”   Dr. Larry Crabb  – When God’s Ways Make no Sense

Dr. Larry Crabb asks the 3 most important questions of the Christian life:

  1. Why must suffering play such a big role in the Christian life?
  2. Why must failure be such an ongoing part of the Christian life?
  3. How are we to respond to seemingly random suffering with no obvious purpose and to repeated failure that we try hard to resist but sometime can’t

“If I hear from God and feel no urge to resits and run, thinking that He’s asking too much, I haven’t heard from God. My view of the Gospel is shallow.

If I hear from God and am not tempted to distort what I hear into a call to a comfortable life, and if I’m not inclined to deny any real attention to passages that say otherwise, I haven’t heard from God. I am believing another gospel.

If I hear from God and see no reason to tremble at the cost required to trust God no matter what struggles come my way and what ongoing sin continues, I have not heard from God. I’ve heard a cheap gospel.”   Dr. Larry Crabb  – When God’s Ways Make no Sense

” When Christians, properly settled on the plan of salvation in Christ, hear the call of God on their lives, something deep in their souls is disrupted. When Christians hear God’s call , not simply to a specific ministry or to a moral lifestyle or to a theological study but to become a certain kind of person no one can ever fully become this side of heaven, a battle begins. The Journey finds its way onto a narrow road.”     Dr. Larry Crabb  – When God’s Ways Make no Sense

“When difficulties intrude and failure continues, we meet the incomprehensible God. Who is He? What is He up to?   Dr. Larry Crabb  – When God’s Ways Make no Sense

Many times, all we can do, all we are called to do is obey the Word of God, TRUST God and keep our eyes on Him. Whom better to rely on and trust in that the One who created everything, the One who sustains everything, the One who breathed life into us, than a failing man-made economy, unreliable people, a shiny world system that is really rotten to the core? Whom better to rely on that He who knows tomorrow, He who is all powerful and He who has all knowledge?

My prayer: Heavenly Father, please help us daily, by Your loving grace and Your Spirit, to get to know You, Your character and Your loving kindness…Amen

Stay blessed in Christ

Pr. Paddick Van Zyl

Laus Deo Ministries Int.

Pic. Detective Searching – Pixabay GraphicMammaTeam

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