4 Reminders in Your Depression

The Art of Leading

DepressionLast December, I went through a deep depression, one of the worst seasons I’ve experienced.  Depression can often settle in my soul for a few days, and then leave as quickly as it came.  This was different. This lasted for weeks and with a weightiness I wasn’t prepared for and it touched every area of my life.

The more I’ve explored the condition of depression and the Christian life, I’ve seen it’s a common thread among many believers.  Everyone from King David to the great Charles Spurgeon experienced what he called great ‘soul sickness’.

In my depression, the Father gave me four verses that clung to for hope and life during this time:

  1. When nothing satisfies your weary soul, remember only He can.

David reflects on what I think encapsulates the entire Christian life in one verse.  Ps. 107:9 says: “For he satisfies the thirsty soul, and the hungry…

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