On the Sovereignty of God

To be Sovereign means:

having the highest power or being completely independent; a king or queen, or a person having the power to govern a country Cambridge Dictionary


Often, when speaking or thinking about God, we come up with thoughts and ideas of an old man with a beard who is so angry or perhaps deaf and sleepy and grumpy. Yet, God, even though no eye has seen Him (John 1:18, 1st John 4:12) is not like that at all. Reading through the Bible, we can get a picture of what God is actually like:

  • Merciful
  • He IS Love
  • compassionate
  • Forgiving
  • Powerful
  • In control of everything

“We do not know why God allowed the enemies of His people to prevail at one time and restrained them at another. It is enough to know that God can and does restrain the harmful acts of others toward us when that is His sovereign will. Furthermore, God, in His infinite wisdom and love, intends that good ultimately comes from those harmful acts. The”
― Jerry Bridges, Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts

“He (God) permits, for reasons known only to Himself, people to act contrary to and in defiance of His revealed will. But He never permits them to act contrary to His sovereign will.”
― Jerry Bridges, Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts

“. . . God owes me no explanation. He has the right to do what He wants, when He wants, and how He wants. Why? Because He’s God. . .”
― Jerry Bridges, Trusting God

“You and I may never have the privilege in this life of seeing an obvious outcome of God’s plan for us, as Joseph did. But God’s plan for us is no less firm and its outcome is no less certain than was God’s plan for Joseph.”
― Jerry Bridges, Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts

“Nothing can be more consoling to the man of God, than the conviction that the Lord who made the world governs the world; and that every event, great and small, prosperous and adverse, is under the absolute disposal of him who doth all things well, and who regulates all things for the good of his people…. The Christian will be confident and courageous in duty, in proportion as he views God in his Providence as ruling in the midst of his enemies; and acting for the good of his people, as well as for his own glory, even in the persecution of the Gospel.”
― Jerry Bridges, Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts

God reminds us in His Word that He cares for us when He mentions that nothing happens to the Sparrows, in His care without Him knowing about it and even the very number of hair strands on our head is known to God, (Matthew 10:29-31). He is not like a human parent, flawed by sin (as a result of the fall). He is Sovereign…

Stay blessed in the care and protection of God.

Pr. Paddick Van Zyl


©Paddick Van Zyl LDMI 2018

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