Why the Funeral?

They are simply sad occasions…weeping, somber, cold events. However, a funeral is an important part of life. (Ecclesiastes 6:10 – 7:29)

  • It does bring closure to the loved ones
  • It is an opportunity to reflect
  • At a funeral we may learn from the deceased’s life – life lessons
  • It reminds us that we should be making sure that we are right with God since we too will die and have a funeral someday
  • It keeps life and the problems we face in perspective – this life is not all there is and there is an eternity awaiting us all

“Funerals tell us, powerfully that we are all going to die”  Ryan Kelly


Many years back, churches used to have cemeteries on the church property, which is no longer the case. There was a reason for this – it reminded the living congregants that they should make sure they have accepted God’s free gift of salvation since they too, will die. It served as a reminder for the living, a powerful reminder that life is indeed fleeting and we should focus on what God has called us to accomplish in and by His grace.

Stay blessed in Christ and be ready for His return

Pr. Paddick van Zyl

Laus Deo Ministries Int

© Paddick van Zyl  – LDMI

Pic Funeral Free Images Pixabay


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