Emotions & Intelligence

” *Our External Situation plus our Internal Perception/Belief leads to our Emotional Response. Picture our emotions like this:

*Negative Situation + Biblical Belief = Legitimate Painful Emotion (Sorrow, Sadness, etc.)

*Negative Situation + Unbiblical Belief = Illegitimate Painful Emotion (Hatred, Despair, etc.)

*Positive Situation + Biblical Belief = Legitimate Positive Emotion (Joy, Peace)

*Positive Situation + Unbiblical Belief = Illegitimate Positive Emotion (Pride, SelfSufficiency, etc.)

Your boss says to you, “You blew it.” Your emotions react to this external situation and to your internal beliefs. What if you had a biblical belief: “I enjoy my boss’s approval, but I don’t need it, and I know that in Christ I am accepted by God”? Then you will respond with legitimate painful emotions such as sorrow, disappointment, or remorse (if you were truly in the wrong).

On the other hand, if your boss says, “You always do A+ work,” and you live for the praise of man, then you might experience illegitimate positive emotions like pride and arrogance. The key to our emotional reaction is our belief or perception about the meaning behind the event. Thus, events determine whether our emotions are pleasant or painful, while longings, beliefs, and goals determine whether our emotional reaction is holy or sinful.” 1 http://bit.ly/EmotionsABCs Dr. Bob Kellemen

Stay blessed in caring for your emotions, intelligently,

Pr. Paddick van Zyl


Pic: Pinterest

1 What Does the Bible Teach About Our Emotions? Learning the ABCs of Emotional Intelligence By Dr. Bob Kellemen © 2018

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